The Post has multiple ongoing projects:


Current projects:


  • Security system incorporating the Raspberry Pi computer:

We are trying to make a security system that’s able to take pictures with the use of the Raspberry Pi. Students working on this project apply programming, electrical, and mechanical skills.


  • Trailer:

We are constructing a trailer to help transport our program materials and resources around the Las Vegas Valley. Students working on this project learn building, design, and workshop skills.


  • 3D modeling:

We are creating a variety of 3D-based models/landscapes using different programs including Sketchup, TinkerCAD, Solidworks, Analist 2016, Pix4D, and others. This project requires skills in 3D design, creativity, geometry, and engineering design principles.


  • 3D Printing:

We are creating a number of useful objects with our 3D printers that serve a useful purpose either combining different features or having entirely new ones compared to products available on the market. The skill students develop from 3D printing are in programming, design, and 3D modeling.