Skybot Competition

1st Place Skyboy 2016 Winners

What is Skybot Challenge?

Skybot Challenge is a local organization that provides STEM focused curriculum in the areas of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), autonomous systems, rotorcraft applications and entrepreneurship.

This 2016’s Skybot Challenge objective was to build a hook system onto a drone that can pick up game pieces/packages and place them on a target scoring area. The team with the most points proceed to semi-finals and beyond.

1st Place Skyboy 2016 Winners 2

Our Experience

Our winning alliance included 3 teams, the Aviation and Robotics teams from Sunrise Mountain High School and the Robotics team from the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy. These 3 teams worked hard alongside one another, building, and testing the drones and creating a winning strategy. 

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