Mission Statement

The mission of Post 888 is to promote integrative STEM education for K-12 students and raising awareness of the importance of STEM careers for Nevada’s future workforce.

STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Math.

Home Page

Post 888 is a Career Exploration post covering aviation, robotics, and 3D printing. Our team at Post 888 focuses on the advancing education in each of these fields through preparing young adults/students in the post for potential careers involving aviation, robotics, and/or 3D printing. The post pushes the students to build and program to the best of their abilities through hands-on projects and participating in STEM-based competitions. Post 888 is offers many resources to local organizations and programs so that they can improve their afterschool STEM-based activities.

Post 888 works on many projects including: building complex robots, programming, 3D printing parts, flying drones, and other useful items such as data analysis. One of our projects involves the Raspberry Pi computer and students learn more about applications of programming. Another project known as the “trailer project” allows students a chance to design, build, and modify a trailer. By applying real world lessons in the program environment, students come out of each project more knowledgeable and capable at a variety of skills. These successes are intended to inspire future careers for the students who excel at the program.






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